Labor Relations Department

Labor inspection sector

Nowadays, by technology development, Hand Works reduce and replace with Machines Works which is caused increasing workshops and factories, finally. Since Mazandaran is an agriculture-based and animal husbandry-based state, technology development lead to use modern technology in agricultural and animal husbandry industry. Moreover, Alterant industries have been highly developed in this state. On the other hand, duo closeness to capital of Iran and adjacency with Caspian sea and despite of it's husbandry and animal husbandry nature, Mazandaran has various industries such as auto parts, steel, clothing, weaving and so on which is the best industry of Iran in some of them.

Another active industry in Mazandaran is building industry. House building is significantly developed in the last years, duo to the position of state and in some touristic coastline cities, house building turn into luxury building. All of these items as well as technology and industry growth increase the necessity of enhancing knowledge in supervising and safety arena. Regarding country and state capability, this necessity pursues continually in Mazandaran. Some of works which is done in this case mentioned in the following:

1-      Accurate conducting of contracting affair's regulations and reviewing the qualification of real and legal contractors for the purpose of safety situation and issuing safety qualification license according to the second article of contracting affair's regulations.

2-      Holding general and professional teaching programs for workers, contractors and supervising engineers according to the rubrics of researches and teaching of the protection and health at work and issuing learning certification by formal institute.

3-      Signing of memorandum of cooperation between Mazandaran's engineer organization and building expertise and the organization of labor and social affairs to immunization of building workshops by employing safety officials and holding learning programs.


However, due to below problems, it is impossible to reach to our super goals and it is essential to have cooperation and transfer of knowledge and technology:


1-      Lack of qualified and knowledgeable persons in the state

2-      Labor inspector's unfamiliarity with up-to-date knowledge about safety and safety systems.

3-      Lack of up-to-date technology in safety arena

4-      Need to pattern in safety arena




Employment Department

Cooperation, Labor and Social welfare Organization s offers for dispatching work force to Marche State and also using the experiences of Italy in the case of developing small and home business.

1-Foreign employment offices in Mazandaran

According to the scheduled plan of employment and entrepreneurship development assistance of ministry of labor and social affairs, Iran attempt to dispatch 10,000 work forces to abroad, annually.

In this case, according to considered arrangement, the ministry of labor and social affairs guarantees the teaching of work forces and in this regard, these work forces, in terms of professional skills and soft skills such as language and public relations, are taught comprehensively and then they dispatch to host countries. Foreign employment offices in Mazandaran dispatch work forces to abroad by permission of ministry of labor and social affairs. Moreover, some jobseekers with different degrees of education and skills registered in foreign employment offices as applicant of work in abroad. These jobseekers will enter to the cycle of dispatch if they reach to the required conditions.

2-Small and home business in Mazandaran

According to the passing law of organizing and protecting home business in Iran, also Mazandaran's home business are organizing and protecting from relevant organizations. Regarding to the experience of some area of Italy in production of leather shoes and supportive approaches in small and home business, especially in the field of producing leather shoes and bags which are divided their home production units into industrial clusters, Mazandaran can use these experiences by dispatching a team include their officials and entrepreneurs to Italy and also could prepare the arrangement for dispatching it's trainers and entrepreneurs for teaching human powers and implementing implemented projects in Italy.

·         The only citizen of Italy who works in Mazandaran by work permits is Mr. Bernardo Vitali. He works as a technician in Pouya Choub industrial process company in Savadkouh Shomali area. Mr. Vitali has been worked at this company for 6 years.




Cooperation Department


Since cooperation is compatible with human's nature, it is one of the important aspects in our social life and it has been applied from the beginning time of social life. Since cooperation sector as a one of the triple sector of Islamic Republic economy stands stands near to public and private sectors, we must pay attention to it more than ever. Nowadays, the constructive role of co-operatives is needed in economic and social field, especially in society that has more consistent organizations.

Since paying attention to people's life is one of the most fundamentals programs of executive part of our country and government attempts to give equal chances to people in the development plan and document of future perspective, the role of cooperation, as a one of the most compassionate parts of economy sector, is heavier.

At the moment, Mazandaran state has 7056 active co-operatives and these co-operatives make job for 79142 persons. Counting Equity Shares, Mazandaran's co-operatives have 1,874,422 members. These co-operatives are active in many parts such as agriculture, industry, mining, home building, public services and hand-made carpeting.




Social Affairs Department

Social affairs recommendations about interaction with Italy

A)    Social arena:

1-      How much is the degree of workers satisfaction from economical and manufacturing institute?

2-      Is there any distribution of support packages to assailable classes of society? Which organizations distribute these support packages?

3-      What is the status of women's job and the condition of benefits and maternity leave for women?

4-      What's the condition of insurance? What condition is needed for villagers and farmers to retire?

5-      Are there any criteria for selecting workers, parts and sample group work? (In the case of inventors and the persons who have creative ideas)

6-      What kinds of work are done to prevent workers from addicting in working environment?

7-      How is the periodic examination? What is the quality of these examinations?


B)    Worker's sport arena


1-      Dispatch Islamic Republic of Iran worker's sport teams to (CSIT) World worker's sports matches in Italy 2015.

2-      Dispatch Mazandaran's wrestling team to international wrestling tournament in France 2015

3-      We suggest more interactions between Iran and Italy in the case of Worker's sport and holding friendly matches.

4-      What is the status of Italian athletic workers and how much benefits belong to these athletic workers?

5-      According to the ability of Mazandaran's worker's wrestling sport, we suggest interactions and bilateral cooperation based on dispatching Mazandaran's wrestling coach to Italy.

6-      Building sport schools in the fields such as wrestling, football and volleyball in Marche state in order to teach coaches.